What started in 2013 as a blog has become a site devoted to featuring all of the amazing creativity I come across in Los Angeles. Like our Likes strives to showcase arts in all walks of life from clothing and painting to events and food. There is no limit to what inspires me and other writers who contribute to the site. I felt the need to share what inspires me in my humble way in hopes to highlight creations that may be overlooked or forgotten in the hustle of a big city.

I have a passion for all things creative, original and unique. I’m usually the first one who wants to own something my friend made by hand. When I am moved or impressed by people who create or do amazing things I have a need share their talents. From hosting events and booking talent to buying all the jewelry and clothing I can afford made by the hands of people I adore I found my niche. I’m embracing my knack for promoting all things that excite me, all things l love to hear, wear, see, eat or experience.

Dawn B Alexander

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