Anna Rose

Generally I dont like top 40 club/house or pop/dance music. That’s a lot of Dont Likes for a blog about what I like, I know…  I mean Yes, I get down to a few of  Lady Gaga’s tunes and YES, I may know the words to some Timbaland hits. Im just saying I will leave the club or bar immediately before that so called bass drops and the glow sticks come out.

That being said I want to talk about ANNA ROSE formally known as Menega,Miss. She has changed up her style and sound a bit and is back in action performing her brand of pop/dance tunes with some dub step/ house flair. “But Dawn..You just said…” Yes I know I said I dont like that stuff but I like this girl.

Anna Rose puts on a great show and has an amazing voice that needs no auto-tune despite it peeking through in a song or two. Her new tracks are perfect for a DJ to spin at any weekend night club while her live shows are more stripped down but still in keeping with her upbeat, body moving vibe.

She’s a friend who I have gotten drunk with, danced with and shared  good times with. I also sang back ups for her  when she was known as Menega,Miss. Her genuine approach to her craft inspired me and her songs made me dance like a happy idiot. When performing with her I was always surrounded by a diverse crew from eclectic stylists to hilarious and fierce transvestites. It was always a god damn pleasure. I took note at how hard she works to brand herself and surround herself with committed talent. It gave me new insight on the “pop world” I usually dismiss. 62653_10102586107327003_732993820_n

Though her new shows may not be as theatrical as her former alter ego the quality of her performance will speak for itself. Check her out Sunday June 9th at The Basment Tavern in Santa Monica. You will have a blast! and go to like that sexy bitches’ page!6682_464874173582202_2132730945_n

Published by LikeOurLikes

I have a passion for all things creative, original and unique. I’m usually the first one who wants to own something my friend made by hand. I myself try to create original art by pursuing my dreams of singing and song writing as best I can. From simple writers block to various life obligations my focus on this varies but one constant throughout my journey is my support of fellow artists I encounter. When I am moved or impressed by people who create or do amazing things I have a deep need help them and share their talents. From hosting events and booking talent to buying all the jewelry and clothing I can afford made by the hands of people I adore I found my niche. I’m embracing my knack for promoting all things that excite me, all things l love to hear, wear, see, eat or experience. I have taken to blogging to further share my awesome taste in friends and their creations. It’s what I like and you should like it too.

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