for fun…10 sexy tunes you may not know about

Sure we swoon over Barry White’s deep vocals to Justin Timberlake’s tenor tongue and Marvin Gaye goes without saying but sadly some of this is just too cliche and not the tunes your gonna turn on to charm your lady or treat your boyfriend to during your “look what I learned at pole dance class” session but I find the songs that get my panties in a bunch are the ones that make me dance, paint a sensual picture in my mind and just make me want to have some crazy fun.
I put this together awhile back so I’m sure I’m missing some newer fun stuff so perhaps a part 2 but for now enjoy these random examples of what I like.

Dawns top 10 random sexiest songs


10. Edge of The world- Faith No More (1989)
Albeit a tad creepy with lyrical hints of an older man hitting on a younger girl this tune has a piano lounge vibe so not what you wouldn’t expect from these guys.

9. Making out- No Doubt (2001)
Its all in the title folks. Its just a fun song about everyones favorite past time.
8. Ecstasy- PJ Harvey (1993)
She basically wails on and on about being in ecstasy with a blues rock background. sexy.

7. Everybody Here Wants You- Jeff Buckley (1998)
He’s the sexiest dead man I know. This track is so different from his usual sound being more R&B infused with his sexy vocals.

6. Sing It Back- Moloko (1999)
I heard this song randomly on a mix years ago so I don’t know much about the band but I enjoy singer, Roison Murhpy’s sexy take on being submissive in this slow electro pop tune.

5. Harder-PJ Harvey (The Harder B sides 1995-2001)
Yea, she made my list twice. My favorite loud mouth rocker chick opens this hard rock song with “Oh my, my mans up all night, works me ’til I moan” figure it out.

4. Nasty Girl- Vanity 6 (1982)
If you know me, you know this is my dance jam! This song was written by Prince and it’s fun and sexy as hell She is just a nasty girl living in her own nasty world, don’t judge her.

3. I Want Your Hands on Me- Sinead O’Conner (1988)
That’s right, even Sinead can get sexy. This track is sexy and danceable. Her passionate vocals repeat “put ’em on, put ’em on put on me” and your hypnotized.

2. Howl- Florence and the Machine (2009)
This one may make a girl seem crazy as it’s about her physical need for a man turning her into a crazy animal but with lines like “my fingers claw your skin, try to tear my way in” I will classify this passionate mess as sexy.

1. Knock 1 2 3- Imelda May (2008)
This rockabilly chick sings so sultry in slow jazzy tune about a secret meet up. cut, print, sexy!

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I have a passion for all things creative, original and unique. I’m usually the first one who wants to own something my friend made by hand. I myself try to create original art by pursuing my dreams of singing and song writing as best I can. From simple writers block to various life obligations my focus on this varies but one constant throughout my journey is my support of fellow artists I encounter. When I am moved or impressed by people who create or do amazing things I have a deep need help them and share their talents. From hosting events and booking talent to buying all the jewelry and clothing I can afford made by the hands of people I adore I found my niche. I’m embracing my knack for promoting all things that excite me, all things l love to hear, wear, see, eat or experience. I have taken to blogging to further share my awesome taste in friends and their creations. It’s what I like and you should like it too.

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