Improvise Your Nights.

Apologies to those unfortunate souls that have been in ear shot of my raucous cackle but I’m sorry, I LOVE to laugh. I adore and I am inspired by artistic and creative people which is what this blog is set to focus on but I almost forgot how much I gravitate towards those with good humor. I love hilarious, funny and witty folks. Where am I going with this? well not far from my home actually, I’m going to M.I Westside Comedy in Santa Monica.

I first visited this place in its humble beginnings a few years back to see a friends improv show when it had more of a stripped down, warehouse, ‘we’re still fixin’ this place up’ kinda vibe but finding myself there more recently for my friend Tim Harrington’s stand up during  the stand up night, “Glory Hole” (which you should check out) I learned that the seating is better, the stage lighting and sound is good, the vibe is cozy and more importantly the bar is fully operational with bottles, drafts and wine. Laughs are just a bit better with a buzz, am I right? am I right? …anyway…

My friend and improv student herself, Liz, wanted to check out the local scene of improv acts so naturally being westsiders and not daring to cross the 405 for the more well-known comedy clubs we end up at this little spot and we  have a blast.

I have seen several improv comedy  teams and I am always so excited and nervous for them. My first anxious thought is “They don’t know what they are gonna do” but luckily I have seen some well trained people and I have never seen an act fail to get laughs especially not my new favorites, a group of guys that go by the name Bear Supply.

Bear Supply is a 5 man team consisting of Joey Greer, Jordan Bull, Shaun Boylan, James Heaney and Morgan Christensen performing a fast paced, long form improv show every 2nd and 4th Wednesday at Mi Westside Comedy. The name is weird, the guys are talented and the entire show experience is hilarious.

They are unique in that they perform with a DJ, Rafael Britto, queuing in appropriate sound effects and music. Their stage entrance is usually set to a hip hop song and is much like a pep rally on adderall involving several chest bumps and yelling at the audience which is still somehow appropriate to people sitting in rows with tiny tables in front of them but remember, the bar is open so it’s all good, everyone gets hyped. They start the set by asking one audience member for a simple noun, yes, just one person, place or thing and then we are off to see where this takes us. Hilarity always ensues and I laugh loud and a lot. I swear I’m not drunk (yet) it’s just a solid funny show. I have yet to notice

any lagging moments or have tha-1t awkward moment of checking my phone wondering “how long is this show?”, nope, usually it seems to end too soon. It’s clear these guys have worked together for years and that they love what they do.

I asked what sets them apart from other improv acts, Morgan Christensen credits their high energy.

“I would say Bear Supply is one of the only long form improv groups that you can put in front of a non-improv group and still have them (the audience) be on board.”

Christensen calls it “Frat-Prov, very testosterone driven”

March 12 2014
March 12 2014

I could try to recap the jokes and scenes that I have seen so far but nothing would compare to the experience. I would say if you’re looking for a different way to spend a night that doesn’t involve checking out yet another new gastropub or you’re not in the mood for the movies but want to be entertained, check out this club. There are various shows including stand-up and sketch. Mostly check out Bear Supply because I like them and you will

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