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img_6554By Jenna Hawes

In this ever expanding world of products deciding which ones are best for you and your family can be very challenging. As someone who is mindful of everything I put into and/or onto my body, I prefer knowing the product or medicine is of the highest quality. I read the ingredients and search for questionable things like added chemicals, most I cannot pronounce. I immediately become overwhelmed with an unsettling feeling of uncertainty that these chemicals will help heal me and may hurt me. Since I became more aware of the chemicals added into every non-organic lotion as well as the over-the-counter medicine I occasionally would take, I decided to seek for a more honest and health conscious way of healing my body with natural ingredients. Luckily, I had a close connection to some answers by Tasha Rein of Tasha Rose Remedies and decided to give her medicines a try. Tasha is very knowledgeable and more so inspirational in the way she is committed to helping others and herself live a well balanced and clean lifestyle connecting the mind, body, and spirit.

Tasha loves what she does and it shows in her work. Her passion comes from over a decade of experience and most recently her apprenticeship with Marysia Miernowska at The Gaia School of Healing and Earth Education. She spent over two years researching and learning about the power of plants. She fell in love with making medicine and integrated her plant based medicines into the business that is: Tasha Rose Remedies.

Tasha moved to LA from Boston a little over 5 years ago with dreams of warmer weather and connecting with other like-minded people in the community. She has since jumped into the yogi world in Los Angeles and has been teaching and practicing yoga since 2003. She grew up with her mom, an artist, owning a small business and creating masterpieces through the love of the earth and making things valuable, useful and most importantly beautiful. Tasha began making jewelry with her mom as a young girl (another one of her hidden talents). Her mom’s inspirational life gave Tasha the confidence to begin her own small business and share her crafts – medicines – spirituality and connection with mother earth- with the community.
Tasha’s remedies are affordable, yummy and all organic. She produces many healing medicines like Fire Cider – made to strengthen the immune system against bacterial and viral infections. Each product is carefully crafted and made in small batches to ensure the the highest quality of product. Tasha believes in creating honest products safe enough for her own family and friends to indulge in, which they all do. Tasha says, “My favorite medicine to share with my friends is the cough syrups I make because they are so tasty and feel amazing when you have a sore throat! It is a thick consistency, it’s yummy, and is perfect for dry weather and scratchy throats”
In addition to making plant based medicine, Tasha offers Reiki sessions, yoga classes, and soon a baby line of herbal remedies. Her Reiki sessions are energy work paired with aromatherapy and she is located in Venice beach. She is even willing to make some house calls around Los Angeles. Meeting Tasha is like stepping into a very happy and zenful place. Her energy and warmth make her such a breeze to be around.
We chatted for a bit about the challenges and the benefits of having small businesses and finding the right time and place to do what you love. It can be very difficult but Tasha’s positivity and belief in her remedies make her a wonderful person to guide you to a happier and healthier you! She smiles, laughs, and says,

“This has been in the works
for too long – and it is time to start
sharing this passion
and knowledge
with everyone who is seeking a balance of
a healthy life and overall happiness.”


This year Tasha really felt inspired to begin to sell her products and share her medicines with a larger part of the community outside her immediate friend circle. As a supporter of small businesses and natural products she made the decision to package her very own. Tasha is currently finalizing her product labels and her product line, but is always accepting orders now and would love to hear from you and hear feedback for her next line.

“It is a way of life really. To be in tune with
nature and your mind, body, and your soul.
Actively working to balance everything.
Your internal energy and everything else
you may touch.” -Tasha describing Tasha Rose Remedies

Check out her website and see more about her products and services. She is so excited about her work and you will be too. TASHA ROSE REMEDIES on INSTAGRAM

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