Cowboy Hats & Yoga Mats

February 2017

Cowboy Hats and Yoga Mats

By Jenna Hawes

Leann Hayes

Cowboy Hats and Yoga Mats was created by Leann Hayes. Such a silly name must have a fun story.

“It was based on an impromptu park fitness

class and literally by what was in the trunk of my car.

I thought it describes my lifestyle perfectly.

I’ll be a concert tailgate Saturday night, but Sunday morning

you’ll find me at yoga class. Wine and green juice.

Cookies and kale. Rage and rest.

Life is about BALANCE.”

Leann has always known that a career in health was her calling – she has been working in health insurance as her “day job” but her passion is with fitness and fun. Leann carries such a lightweight spirit with a genuine care about others. Her reasons for beginning this brand was because she couldn’t help share her new recipes and fitness class experiences with her friends.


“I didn’t realize how many women .I am motivating and that I’m making a positive impact on,it’s an incredible feeling I feed off!”

It all began with Tone It Up, and from there Leann has continued to insert and certify herself in POP Pilates, Sports Nutrition, and is a Barre Instructor. Her most recent endeavor is Cowboy Hats and Place Mats- a meal prep service to make healthy meals more accessible to hard working people.  Leann organizes retreats quarterly that are full of healthy snacks, fitness classes, nutritional education,  wine, and plain leisure. The perfect Saturday mix. Enjoy all the fruits of life – hiking with a beautiful ocean view – yoga – toning your tush in Soul Cycle class – and then washing it all down with a fine Rose! Check out her Instagram for upcoming retreats, her meal prep services, and more. Leann is ready and willing to help you with your fitness goals!

“I live in athleisure (clothing designed for working out). I geek out over superfoods. I’m all about studying the science of how certain diets and programs work for certain people.”

Instagram @cowboyhatsandyogamats   Tone It Up Website


Published by LikeOurLikes

I have a passion for all things creative, original and unique. I’m usually the first one who wants to own something my friend made by hand. I myself try to create original art by pursuing my dreams of singing and song writing as best I can. From simple writers block to various life obligations my focus on this varies but one constant throughout my journey is my support of fellow artists I encounter. When I am moved or impressed by people who create or do amazing things I have a deep need help them and share their talents. From hosting events and booking talent to buying all the jewelry and clothing I can afford made by the hands of people I adore I found my niche. I’m embracing my knack for promoting all things that excite me, all things l love to hear, wear, see, eat or experience. I have taken to blogging to further share my awesome taste in friends and their creations. It’s what I like and you should like it too.

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