Moto Photo

November 13th 2017

Motorcycles aren’t just for riding, that’s right, they make very pretty pictures too.  If you’re like me you admire motorcycles not only for the the bad-ass lifestyle that they have epitomized for decades, but for the ascetics of those gorgeous 2 wheeled machines. This concept is certainly not lost on Josiah Myers. 


In 2008, Josiah revamped his college love of photography while working for an advertising company in Los Angeles where he was assigned to take photos of the events they hosted. It all started with, as Josiah remembers it, “…a crappy digital camera.”  It wasn’t until they finally purchased a Canon 70D with the kit lens that his passion was officially sparked again. During this same period he started to ride, having been influenced by his company’s client, Harley Davidson. As part of his job he worked on the branding and took a safety course to learn how to ride and it was only a matter of time that he became an enthusiast.

When I’m riding on the road and see a fellow biker, just with a finger waive or a head nod, we both know we’re on the streets riding with a sense of freedom every time we roll that throttle and feel that engine rumble.”-Josiah Myers


He started in 2016. It seemed a logical and creative way to share his journeys on the road and maybe inspire others to start riding which he feels emphasizes camaraderie and he hopes his site sheds light on that part of motorcycle culture.

When not riding and snapping shots of bikes you can take advantage of Josiah’s skills for weddings, portraits and events. He’s branching out and offers his talented skills which you can preview on instagram at @josiahmy. Please check out his amazing site and the other links below.

Instagram: @motocoasthd

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I have a passion for all things creative, original and unique. I’m usually the first one who wants to own something my friend made by hand. I myself try to create original art by pursuing my dreams of singing and song writing as best I can. From simple writers block to various life obligations my focus on this varies but one constant throughout my journey is my support of fellow artists I encounter. When I am moved or impressed by people who create or do amazing things I have a deep need help them and share their talents. From hosting events and booking talent to buying all the jewelry and clothing I can afford made by the hands of people I adore I found my niche. I’m embracing my knack for promoting all things that excite me, all things l love to hear, wear, see, eat or experience. I have taken to blogging to further share my awesome taste in friends and their creations. It’s what I like and you should like it too.

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