Improvise Your Nights.

Apologies to those unfortunate souls that have been in ear shot of my raucous cackle but I’m sorry, I LOVE to laugh. I adore and I am inspired by artistic and creative people which is what this blog is set to focus on but I almost forgot how much I gravitate towards those with goodContinue reading “Improvise Your Nights.”

Frankie Pedano’s Night of Music

Venice experiened an explosion of music Saturday June 22nd. Despite half the town being in Vegas for the EDC Venice Music Crawl debuted at several music venues and the streets, specifically the street of Lincoln Blvd, were filled with music lovers. This, though exciting, made me wonder if my friend, Frankie Pedano, who was setContinue reading “Frankie Pedano’s Night of Music”

My last night at Central sapc

  Dance Party! DJs ELEVATOR SEX, FRESH + SUNNY and FM ATTACK put on a great show last night at Central. Central SAPC closes at the end of the month and all of us west siders who appreciate and  understand the lack of good venues in our town are truely bummed, but this was a niceContinue reading “My last night at Central sapc”